Unforgiven Band
A.K.A, The Good Times Show Band

Classic Rock, Oldies, Blues and Country for all occasions!
David S. Hiller
(Spencer Hill)

  It is that with great sadness we let you know that our friend, bandmate, and co-producer, Spencer Hill (A.K.A. David Hiller) has died in Suburban Hospital on September 14, 2017 at age 65, after a year long battle with cancer.  Spencer was a real trouper.  He played a gig with us right to the day before he died.   Spencer, who was a great musician, also had an interesting life.  His father was a diplomat and so Spence lived in France for 7 years of his childhood.   Spence's mother was a graduate of the Eastman School of Music and  went on to become a music teacher.  Spence was always musical and played in bands since he was a teenager.   He was a longtime member of the D.C. Blues Society.   Spence left home and headed for L.A. he lived in the L.A. area for a spell and then moved to the Trenton area where he played for The Mad Fables.  Finally, he moved back to the the DC area because his mom was getting old and needed help. 

 It was while living back in North Bethesda with his mom that he met The Unforgiven.  At this time, the lineup of the band included Chris “Crazyboy” Earnshaw on guitar, “Rockin'” Rick Kanton, George Redden and Rob Johnson, Shortly after Spencer, “Philly” George joined as a keyboardist and one year later,  Chris left the band and “Philly” moved to bass guitar, replacing George Redden and this has been the lineup for 14 years. Rick Kanton continues on as lead guitar and lead vocalist.

 Rob “Powerhouse” Johnson, the band's vocalist will move into the drummer position.  Rob, Spence, and “Philly” George have another endeavor, performing in senior centers as an acoustic trio, The Good Times Show Band.  Spencer was the clarinet player. When cancer surgery ended both Spence's clarinet and singing career, he moved to playing keyboards. He also was the drummer for the Unforgiven gigs.

 In addition to playing clarinet, keyboards and drums, Spencer was very talented in the areas of recording and production. He was co-producer/engineer on all the recordings made by the band. But most of all, he was a good friend to all of us.  We will all miss him. 

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